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Proper service at the stealership?

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Dropped off the Maggie at the service center close to my job (out of convenience) not the dealership where I purchased her from. I plop down a Box-O-Joe and a dozen of those Dunkin' Donuts and greeted the service writer like an old friend. He's writing up the leaking trans issue and asks if there's anything else. I tell him I'd like, if possible, to enable the Sirius info (channel number and name) in the EVIC. He said no problem, we'll take a look at it. When I go to sign the ticket I see a charge of $47.50. He says that's for the tech's usage and time w/ the StarScan. WTF!?
Am I expecting too much? If so, I'll stop sniveling now. I didn't think it was too much of a big deal.
Any input?
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I picked up the car this afternoon and they have to order the parts for the trans leak. Didn't even try the Starscan to flash the FCM for Sirius info in EVIC. I knew that! The real kick in the ball$ was as I walked out the door, the service writer said "Thanks for the breakfast."
Not all dealerships are the same I guess.
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