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Proper service at the stealership?

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Dropped off the Maggie at the service center close to my job (out of convenience) not the dealership where I purchased her from. I plop down a Box-O-Joe and a dozen of those Dunkin' Donuts and greeted the service writer like an old friend. He's writing up the leaking trans issue and asks if there's anything else. I tell him I'd like, if possible, to enable the Sirius info (channel number and name) in the EVIC. He said no problem, we'll take a look at it. When I go to sign the ticket I see a charge of $47.50. He says that's for the tech's usage and time w/ the StarScan. WTF!?
Am I expecting too much? If so, I'll stop sniveling now. I didn't think it was too much of a big deal.
Any input?
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I was charged $32.50 from another dealer to enable DRL's and wipers on/lights on feature with starscan, but they told me ahead of time.
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