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Volant has had a tradition of designing and manufacturing high-quality intake systems that are constantly tested and improved upon as vehicle models and ECM system become more sophisticated. Volant is also at the cutting edge of air intake performance with new designs that make more consistent horsepower and torque for a variety of truck and sport utility vehicle applications.

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I had the 2nd volant system ever installed on an LX, 'ol CucaamongaRed hhad the first, it has worked out very well.
Just cleaned and re-oiled the filter again last weekend.
I am very interested in the new filter, looks like higher flow.

Kick one down guys, I drive by your place every day!!!:pepper:

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As previosly posted;

"We just released a 8" version which is the size the diesels run. We will have a 6" version completed in about 2-3 weeks that will give us 18 part numbers. with flange sizes 3-3.5-4-4.5-5-5.5-6-7. So it will just be a matter of test fitting. The 8" fillter will not fit in a lot of our boxes but I am told it is over kill, unless you are running very dirty conditions(so you have additional load capacity) or big horsepower! Our 8" will fit on all of our competitors intakes that are using bent sheet metal!"

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I was curious if the system is set up to combat the possibility of water entering the cool-air intake that seems to be mounted fairly low in the engine bay. I live in Seattle and unfortunately, get tons of rainfall and occasionally, we must traverse bodies of water that develop because of blocked or overwhelmed storm drains.

Thanks for any info!

For the record, I do attempt to avoid driving through them but depending on the circumstance, one doesn't have a choice.

Oh.. Welcome to the boards!!

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