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Hello Everyone,
I would like to take this time to introduce my self and our company Fastlane. My name is Nick Field and along with Rick Ford we started building and racing high performance cars back in the late eighties. Since then we have built and produced hundreds of performance vehicles for our clients all over the world. Our passion has always been in building and modifying vehicles to out perform the competition and our customer expectations. Fastlane prides it's self on our full knowledge and understanding of Engine Building, Turbocharging, Supercharging, Fabrication, Tuning, Chassis setup, and Product Manufacturing. We are located in Houston Texas, and housed in a 12,000 sqft facility with 12 Service Bays, Chassis shop and Full Fabrication Machine Shop with Engine Assembly Room. All of our in house tuning is performed on Fastlane's DYNOJET 224 which features a Full Wide band, OBD2 Reader, Boost and Back Pressure Reader. Fastlane was one of the first performance companies performing upgrades for the Dodge HEMI 5.7 and 6.1 vehicles. Since then we grew a full line of upgrades for the 5.7 and 6.1 HEMI's. Fastlane's packages range from bolt on Air Inductions, Exhaust systems, Custom Program Tuning, Supercharger Systems, Complete Engine Packages, and Turbocharging Packages. Please check out our website www.fastlaneincorporated.com .

Or you can contact one of or qualified Sales Staff at 713-600-8600
Thank You,
Nick Field
Nick Field [email protected]
Anthony Hoekstra [email protected]
Forums user name: FASTLANE

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Dang, that is a pretty sweet video Cam. That thing about jumped off the dyno at full boost and spray!

I have heard of you guys before on a different forum from a member who had his car tuned there. He was raving about a twin turbo setup that you guys were building on Shawn Roger's SRT8 who played for the Detroit Lions.... ooops, did I let the cat outta the bag too soon?? Heeeheeeheee

Welcome aboard guys!

(But enough with these shops in Texas already.... get some more Midwest-based vendors already!)


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Welcome guys ;)
just stumbled across this. appears youre a vendor now huh?

nick send me that video and ill make a thread about what a beast you turned my car into!

that would be Ted's (MEKONG is forum name) TT srt.
hes on a stock motor, and is working on building his motor to up the boost.

i know theyve got another TT srt with a built motor, not sure what hes puting down.

ive had my car tuned by fastlane, and will get a write up for this section together about my experience- in short it was a car that went from 320/355 to 376/378 on the same dyno with just a cam and a .030 mill/valve job on the heads. we got vids and charts we need to organize.

welcome :)
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