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Please welcome Air Ride Technologies - our newest site supporting vendor

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Contact info:
User name(s): [email protected] and [email protected]
email [email protected]
phone: 812-481-4787
website www.airride.com

Air Ride Technologies has been in business for just over 10 years. We started out mainly in the Street Rod industry before verturing out way into the truck and muscle car markets. We have been receiving many calls inquiring on a system for the Chrysler LX, so we this past fall we finally started development. When designing a kit our first priority's are ride quality, performace and quality of the product over all else. While cost is obviously still a concern, we will not jeopardize our priorities to lower the cost of the product.

Keeping this idea in mind we developed a Shockwave kit for the front and a CoolRide kit for the back. The Shockwave system incorporates a Billet Aluminum 16 position adjustable shock that is inside the Firstone air spring. We machined a billet aluminum lower mount to attach the bottom of the Shockwave to the lower arm. For the rear we built a set of brackets to attach an air spring in place of the factory coil spring. The kit also comes with a set of Billet Aluminum shocks to match the stroke of the air spring and compliment the front Shockwaves.

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:bahdumcha: Well after a couple of years AiR RIDE and Darren were able to hook me up with Frank @ Prodigy Customs here in Florida and I got the 1st class treatment. My car was built on the show Overhaulin and because of time constraints, I assume that is why it was set up wrong :banghead: or needed to be tweat by a Professional but I am happy to say the system appears to working as it should. I still have 1 minor issue, but nothing like it was before. I am here to say when it is setup right, it is a great system. Kudo's to Frank at Prodigy Customs who knows his stuff..............:beerchug:

What episode was your car on OH?
1 - 1 of 127 Posts
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