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Please welcome Air Ride Technologies - our newest site supporting vendor

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Contact info:
User name(s): [email protected] and [email protected]
email [email protected]
phone: 812-481-4787
website www.airride.com

Air Ride Technologies has been in business for just over 10 years. We started out mainly in the Street Rod industry before verturing out way into the truck and muscle car markets. We have been receiving many calls inquiring on a system for the Chrysler LX, so we this past fall we finally started development. When designing a kit our first priority's are ride quality, performace and quality of the product over all else. While cost is obviously still a concern, we will not jeopardize our priorities to lower the cost of the product.

Keeping this idea in mind we developed a Shockwave kit for the front and a CoolRide kit for the back. The Shockwave system incorporates a Billet Aluminum 16 position adjustable shock that is inside the Firstone air spring. We machined a billet aluminum lower mount to attach the bottom of the Shockwave to the lower arm. For the rear we built a set of brackets to attach an air spring in place of the factory coil spring. The kit also comes with a set of Billet Aluminum shocks to match the stroke of the air spring and compliment the front Shockwaves.

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Darren / LowGo

I finally took my winter wheels off today, so I had an opportunity to take a picture of the AWD lower front strut mount.

LowGo, I also recently have a AWD and now finally see the difference in the front. :) Thanks for the picture.

The 2wd stuff definitely will not work, but I bet it would be possible to attach a shockwave to that stock lower fork. It would take some custom mounts and such tho.
with the large numbers of AWD LX vehicles out there, and the fact that they are a prime audience for lowering (we're already an inch higher than RWD) plus -- and the biggest advantage for me and probably others -- the auto-leveling feature for carrying around larger loads or hauling.

Is it foreseeable that Air-Ride / you guys could create a drop-in solution for the AWD platform as you have for the RWD? How many seed buyers might you need? I'm quite excited about this possiblility and lowering/bags are on most AWD drivers minds... :)
What about in the further future? ;)

I know that there are a lot of AWDs out there that would benefit from some direction from Air-Ride on what has worked successfully. Are you able to talk to Air-Ride and see what their best way to proceed would be?

As far as getting in a car to prototype it, I could do this at a local shop/dealer, sounds like LowGo may as well and others I'm sure. :)

It's definitely possible, but I don't I don't see it happening in the near future.
1 - 2 of 127 Posts
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