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Please welcome Air Ride Technologies - our newest site supporting vendor

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Contact info:
User name(s): [email protected] and [email protected]
email [email protected]
phone: 812-481-4787
website www.airride.com

Air Ride Technologies has been in business for just over 10 years. We started out mainly in the Street Rod industry before verturing out way into the truck and muscle car markets. We have been receiving many calls inquiring on a system for the Chrysler LX, so we this past fall we finally started development. When designing a kit our first priority's are ride quality, performace and quality of the product over all else. While cost is obviously still a concern, we will not jeopardize our priorities to lower the cost of the product.

Keeping this idea in mind we developed a Shockwave kit for the front and a CoolRide kit for the back. The Shockwave system incorporates a Billet Aluminum 16 position adjustable shock that is inside the Firstone air spring. We machined a billet aluminum lower mount to attach the bottom of the Shockwave to the lower arm. For the rear we built a set of brackets to attach an air spring in place of the factory coil spring. The kit also comes with a set of Billet Aluminum shocks to match the stroke of the air spring and compliment the front Shockwaves.

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Nice to see you guys over here. I was wondering when you come out to the Turkey Run this year in Daytona, do you think we can have a look at my car and see what we can do to dial it in, finally? I would really appreciate it



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I'm not sure who is working that show yet. Check back a couple weeks before the show.
I would think you would want to check with me, your call. It has been 2 years.-JR :sad:
Now theres a person who shoudl get a raise !

I am sure whoever goes down there can help you dial the thing in though. That is a cake walk..... :mrgreen:
That is the best answer I have heard in awhile,

I just want the system right. It was installed by air ride and has never been right. I have bolts backing out now, which is a problem. I have alot of people ask about what do I think of the system, and I know and you know how important word of mouth is. I believe the system will work right, but to date it hasn't so I look forward to Daytona. Just in case you want to let the staff know, I will be a guest of the Advance Auto booth.

Yes in stalled on the Overhaulin episode. I understand the constraints of the show, along with also being very grateful for the whole experiance, but I do not feel I should have to endure issues with the product your staff provided and installed. 2 occasions, I made the attempt while your staff was in town, my backyard, to get to the bottom of the issues and you could get all the information you needed from them, without success and not because I was unwilling. I have tried to find out the questions you asked, but since I did not install it, nor am I or anyone in Florida famliar with the product, the simple solution would be to make sure, one of your staff takes the time, to find out what is what and not imply I am dropping the ball by not getting back to you. I dont think it is my responsiblity to track you down, in 2 weeks, as you stated in your first repsonse, or take it to a shop and play middle man as to pinion angles. Quite frankly had I personally paid for the system, I would not be as patience, 2 years.

So I am willing to start fresh. I live in central Florida, I need the unit to fuction properly and I am willing to be patient while your staff is in town, to look it over and lets come to a conclusion on what will it take to make it work the way it is advertised or you can tell me I am on my own, which is kinda they way I feel at this point anyway. You make the call,

thanks for the vent

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For the "conversation" that ensues I apologize to the members of this forum.

I think and believe this is the proper place, since your forum or the many requests over 2 years have been "brushed" aside. I think it is important for any car fan who might think of investing a serious outlay of cash for a product, gets to hear from a user on how the product has performed and how were any and all issues resolved.

Airride:Ultimately, it is Overhaulin's responsibility to ensure the vehicle is assembled properly. However, such was not the case with this particular vehicle (we've had quite a few Air Ride installs on Overhaulin and all have gone well and resulted with happy owners.)

While that was never said until today, I disagree. Airride installed and built the product. The only comment was made to me is that Air Ride did not have time to correctly check the work because of the time constraints of the show, that is not really my problem. If Airride is unable to install the unit properly, they should not do it, as it leads to situation like this. I have also talked to 2 other Overhaulin recipents who have had issues with their systems, that I will not discuss here, as I am only concerned about my issues.

Regarding ART looking at the car in Florida:
Normally we do not service vehicles while at a show. Once in a while we'll take a quick look under the vehicle to see if something is immediately and obviously wrong. We simply do not have the tools or time required to properly fix a vehicle at a show

Again while I did not expect it serviced, I expected someone to take a look at your installation and advise as to what we can do to correct it, NEVER in 2 years has anyone from Air ride offered to even LOOK at the car, as I have offered, with the hope a resolution can be found.

To properly diagnose your vehicle we need a shop with a lift. I WILL NOT lay under a car in the parking lot in the dark trying to diagnose a problem. (please remember I have to man the booth during the day, so that only leaves the evening to work on cars) This situation garners less than stellar results as we cannot always properly diagnose a vehicle with only 2 feet between the driveline and the pavement (and that's if we have a good set of jack stands!)

It is clear to me and anyone who reads this that YOU WILL NOT lay under a car, or for that matter even stand near the car. I am fully aware of the hours of the show, even though I think there was no less then 5 or 6 guys working the booth last year. A day before or after should not be out of the question to satisfy a customer, and just the fact you have a shop that is in Orlando would be a perfect place to meet. My issue(s), plural, should be as simple as BUSINESS 101, on how to resolve a issue. I have a high profile car, which is the reason AIRRIDE gets involved in Overhaulin, to promote your product. Along with that comes the resposibility to offer customer service other then just demanding I become a middle man in the process and we exchange emails back and forth, VS you or your company taking the time to correctly resolve the issues, when you are in my backyard. A sidenote: I work for a boat company which sells not only in the US, but the entire world. It is stressed how important our customers are. We have dealers in every corner of the globe to resolve issues, however if they can't , we dispatch a team of 2 guys to the closest dealership and resolve the issues. That is why we are who we are, and it is all about customer service.

Why it would take 2 years and this forum for you to finally tell me there is a place I can take it too in Orlando is beyond me. That in itself is a step in the right direction and hopefully we can resolve this once and for all and I will be the first to report the results here. You have my email and I would appreciate a email on exactly what you would like to do and this forum we have hijacked can get back to the business of talking about a subject close my heart, MOPARS. If you would like me to list my 3 issues here vs email I will ,your call


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You have to understand how these builds go. The car was not put on the ground until 10 minutes before they gave it back to you. Overhaulin sends all of these cars to a shop to be gone over and all of the bugs worked out before it is returned to the owner.

Was the pinion angle set correct when it was installed? Yes. I set it at 2 degree up. Was was the trans angle set at the correct angle? I don't know, it wasn't wasn't installed yet and I didn't install it. It should be around 2 down. Where there any clearance problems with the driveline. I have no idea, didn't have a drive shaft yet either. Is it our responsibility to make sure all of this is correct? No. Will we do everything we can to help you fix these problems? Yes, but it will take some effort on your part as well.

We do have several dealers in Florida. Actually, Frank at Prodigy Customs is in Alamonte Spings about 7 miles from you, and is more than capable of fixing your problems. Will he do it for free? No. Also, checking these things is not rocket science, any driveline shop will be more than familiar with this.
I already saved the post before it was edited, however I will address your current version.

I get it "Air Ride official position is you not responsible", that is clear

Who said anything about doing anything for free?

Rocket science ??? then why wont you look at it unless it can be more of a problem then you care to address and so I am clear, it is not rocket science and any Air Ride dealer who would have to look at your installation and product would charge money to evaulate what the problem is. Got it:loser:
I figured you would contact him, before I had a chance to. He has not responded. I will let you know if I hear from him


The best way to address your issue is to have Frank look at the car. Frank has a great knowledge of our product and is a wonderful person. (though he looks and sounds like he could kill you with his pinky finger)

No call back yet, I will try again tomorrow

If you want to look at it yourself before you get it to Franks all you have to do is get under the car and check a few things then call us with your findings and we'll tell you what to do next: (this pertains to a grinding noise coming from the rear under acceleration, which is the only problem I am aware of.)

Well there you go, I have 3+1 issues, since you asked.

1-Grinding Noise, unless you put the position higher then I was told, based on the numbered readings, when you get on it, it sounds like the rear end is coming apart. I have looked and do not see that it is or where it might be hitting, but if you raise it the noise goes away

2- when the car is either all the way down or all the way up, it does not sit level. The readings indicate sometimes it is the right side that needs to be adjusted, sometimes it is the left side, even when you set it level and save the settings, 3 or 4 times out later it is back to being crooked

3- the ride height I was told, based on the numbers is not always possible, sometimes it is , until you get on it. Sometimes at slow speeds it grinds. My understanding is any of the heights you are able to set this, should it be able to run.

+1 while at a show recently someone pointed out to be that 2 of the rear bolts had backed out which were installed to hold the air ride suspension. When I tighten the 2 on 1 side and checked the 2 on the other side, 3 of the 4 bolts just turn and do not tighten. Do you think I am concerned? You betcha.

1-is the driveshaft/pinion rubbing the body?
-there will be rub marks above the pinion indicating it was hitting the body
-if it is rubbing you may be driving the car too low, or the pinion angle is incorrect
2-check the pinion angle

My son, asked a question about the angle and height and it was obvious we dont have a clue as to the angle, as i would think several car owners do not, and did not get a response, that even I could understand. We are all busy, but I would think each and everyone who has a problem, as I see there are several on your board, should be taken very serious. Again if it is so simple as to get the pinion angle, I would think someone would say, lets take a minute to check it, next time we are in town.

Just for clarification there are only 3 people that attend the Turkey Run show. (Mainly because there are only 3 of us that give up spending time with our families to attend the show. I am one of those three people.)

Well why I do not really believe this is a clarification as so much to point the finger back and forth, I say this, you say that. I say I saw 5 guys wearing Air ride shirts, you correct me there was only 3, 2 more then it takes to take alook at my car or does it take more then 3 ? :thumbs_u:
Just for clarification. I attend 12 shows a year as a regional manager for a boat mfg. 12 times a year, min of 5 days a week I am away from my family also. I handle the NE which includes Canada. I am not in customer service, nor do I crawl under boats at shows. But what I do is I make sure the customer with a complaint is followed up with and his or her issue is handled, or I get a call and find out why. I dont care if it is a dealer who is the problem, a customer error and a mfg issue, I follow up on it. I would be on the street (unemployed) if I told someone , "sorry the show is too far away, get back with me when it is closer and I will see what I can do". 2 years guys C'mon you guys are better then that.

This is my response

you started off by saying this wasn't the place and now we have come full circle. I am going to send you a private message with the post I am about to post, that I truly think will make up people's minds about your product, but I will give you the final opportunity to resolve this to my satisfaction.

Please do Darren, as I have not heard from him. I thought we were on that path, when other posts appeared changing the direction

Not to piss in anyone's cheerio's, but is all of the above about an LX?
but it is about a Mopar and it could very well be about discussing anyone who might purchase this product for a LX. I wanted it to be helpful and it might be gravitating back that way.
Success :thumbs_u:

Frank has called and he is in a show I am in on Sunday- Festival of Speed and we will talk further.

See how simple that was? Business 101


:bahdumcha: Well after a couple of years AiR RIDE and Darren were able to hook me up with Frank @ Prodigy Customs here in Florida and I got the 1st class treatment. My car was built on the show Overhaulin and because of time constraints, I assume that is why it was set up wrong :banghead: or needed to be tweat by a Professional but I am happy to say the system appears to working as it should. I still have 1 minor issue, but nothing like it was before. I am here to say when it is setup right, it is a great system. Kudo's to Frank at Prodigy Customs who knows his stuff..............:beerchug:

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