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Please welcome Air Ride Technologies - our newest site supporting vendor

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Contact info:
User name(s): [email protected] and [email protected]
email [email protected]
phone: 812-481-4787
website www.airride.com

Air Ride Technologies has been in business for just over 10 years. We started out mainly in the Street Rod industry before verturing out way into the truck and muscle car markets. We have been receiving many calls inquiring on a system for the Chrysler LX, so we this past fall we finally started development. When designing a kit our first priority's are ride quality, performace and quality of the product over all else. While cost is obviously still a concern, we will not jeopardize our priorities to lower the cost of the product.

Keeping this idea in mind we developed a Shockwave kit for the front and a CoolRide kit for the back. The Shockwave system incorporates a Billet Aluminum 16 position adjustable shock that is inside the Firstone air spring. We machined a billet aluminum lower mount to attach the bottom of the Shockwave to the lower arm. For the rear we built a set of brackets to attach an air spring in place of the factory coil spring. The kit also comes with a set of Billet Aluminum shocks to match the stroke of the air spring and compliment the front Shockwaves.

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Sweet....Tony is a great guy!
I think that you must be mistaken, can't be the same guy that I work with.....:mrgreen:
That looks slick. What's your total adjustment? The typical rails-on-the-ground to 1" above stock? This is one of those wish-list mods for me... the kind I won't be able to afford until the LX platform is discontinued :p Glad to have you aboard though!
Overall travel is around 6". Here is a pic of a 300 fully deflated.
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We have not fit one up under a Challenger yet, but from what I understant the suspension is same. Wheel base is just a little shorter. You guys probably know more about that than us tho.
I don't have any images of the trunk, but on that car were were able to fit a 3 gallon tank in the spare tire well next to the battery. The owner of this car was not concerned with rise time, so the 3 gallon tank was just enough to inflate the car to ride height. I would recommend either two 3's or one 5 for this car. We also have the new AirPod system which makes the installaion much easier. I doubt the it will fit in the spare tire well tho.
Comes with the RidePro e2 control panel & ECU.

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Single adjustable front Shockwaves $1149
Doube adjustable front Shockwaves $1419

Rear CoolRide w/ single adjustable shocks $849
Rear CoolRide w/ double adjustable shocks $1069

We have several compressor kit to choose from depending on what size valves, which comp. and tank setup and analog or digital controls. We also offer systems with height sensors. Here is a link.
By the way Darren forgot to tell you in his original post up above that if you need real good tech help that you need to forget about [email protected] and instead use [email protected] . [email protected] would be a much more suitable for e-mail if you were asking what color of "manleather" one ought to wear to a "man party". he can also tell you how many colors are in a rainbow. :)
So it's gonna be like that eh..... You know what they say about revenge.
Actually we have played around wit them and honestly we never get asked about them. but we could posibly look at em again in the future...
I'm pretty sure that our 3 & 5 gallon tanks will fit in the spare tire well. They are 7" in diameter.
Which car are you putting it on?
Hey....at least it is MAN leather. Could be worse. :wink:

Thanks Shane.
When are you gonna start installing your stuff. Post up some pics when you do.
We have not had one in here yet to look at it. How much different are they?
Looks like the sway bar does not attach to the strut either. Is the lower mount a "fork" type.
Yea, sounds like a custom lower mount will have to be made. We would have to get one in here to design one. Here is an image of the 2wd lower mount.
Cool, If you have any questions just post 'em up.
I do have one dealer in Toronto, it's called Altered Altitude Customs. Talk to Kevin or Rob.
I received a pm from one of the guys on this forum with some good questions, thought I would share it.


are there issues with system freezing up in the winter? When the ride is parked, does it always have to sit slammed to the ground? Whats the complete kit price. whats the added weight to the car with the kit? hows the handling compared to my KW V2's and Hotchkis sways setup?


Not many problems with freezing up in the winter. The only time I have ever had a problem with that is with guys in Canada, where it gets 20-30 below. Those guys have used air brake anti freeze to help. Also mounting the valve above the tank or in the engine bay will help too.

When parked or storing for the winter you can leave it at ride height or fully deflated, doesn't matter.

The suspension components are probably actually lighter, so unsprung weight will be less. The compressor kits run around 20-40 lbs depending on which kit you go with. We also have aluminum tanks which are much lighter than the steel tank. A steel 5 gallon tank is around 22 lbs., whereas an aluminum 5 gallon tank is around 7 lbs.

I have never tested any of the KW stuff so I can't really comment on the performance differences. But but have had great results with pro-touring cars and street rods. For example we have a 66 Chevelle here with a stock chassis and all of our sway bars, tubular arms and double adjustable shockwaves. We took it to Putnam Park roadcourse and recorded sustained G-Force readings of over 1.1G on BFG KD tires.

If you are really concerned with performace I would opt for the double adjustable units. They allow you to control the compression and rebound individually which is necessary for a multi-purpose vehicle. Keep the Hotchkis sway bars on the car too. All of our compressor system are 4 way which will eliminate any air transfer, but the sway bars will further control the body roll.
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How easy is the kit to install, will it take a few days?
Yea, I would say about 2 days install time. It's completely bolt in. No cutting or welding what so ever. And if you have the room for the new AirPod system it will take a lot of the work out of the installing the compressor sytem.
The 2wd stuff definitely will not work, but I bet it would be possible to attach a shockwave to that stock lower fork. It would take some custom mounts and such tho.
Sorry man. Just not a lot of demand for a setup on that vehicle. However, I have seen one customer use a set of shockwaves front and rear on one of those. Completely custom of course.
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