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Performance Wise SXT to RT Rotors

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Ok Guys I Need Some Literature From All Yall "SMARTER THEN ME PEOPLE" which is basically Everybody..HAHA. Im Wondering if I Take The Rotors Off a RT and Put Them On My SXT(V6 RWD) Is It Gonna Make a Diff in My Stopping Power, Or Do I Need To Just Poney Up Some Dough For Rt Calipers Too? Thanks Ahead Of Time To All LX MEMBERS for Your Responses.
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Here I am! :mrgreen:

In theory, you would get better stopping power from larger rotors, since you're clamping further away from the axis (kinda like leverage, in a way) - but that assumes the V6 calipers will fit on R/T rotors, like gameover said - and I can't see how they would.

Even if they would, and even looking at the theory, it's not going to be a big difference - probably not a noticeable one.

So you're looking at rotors and calipers at the minimum, but everything I've seen says that they swap right on.
Yeah, but with the R/T rotors your adding more weight too right?
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