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Painting Gauge Pods to Match SRT8 A-Pillars

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I looked all over for a good matching paint, but struck out left and right. I don't know if different years and models have different A-pillars, but the '06 SRT8 is a tannish color with tiny black specks in it. This is what I wound up doing.

To prep the black gauge pod, all I did was scrub it thoroughly with a green scotch pad and hot, soapy water to get it super clean and dull the finish.

Started with this:

This is the paint and clear coat that worked pretty well. I kept spraying light coats of color and compared it with the stock pillar I was going to cover with the gauge pod. It didn't look close until I sprayed a few light coats of the clear.

Still didn't match the right side as well as I wanted, so I painted that one too.

This is the end result. It's not a perfect match to the headliner, but all in all it's not too bad.

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How did the Velcro work for you??? I did the same thing, but every time the temp. goes up, the velcro comes loose. There is no other attachment provided so I am in a bad spot. I have triple guages, so the weight his just a tad more than yours or stock. Has any other luck or advise??
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