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Scary that sales tax is +/- 10% now. I remember about 15 years ago doing a Paper in college about cost of living amounts of mil, police, fire and also public administrative in comparison to yesteryears, taking into consideration inflation, cost of staples as well as luxury goods and tax rates etc.
First responders made about the same with the exception of some outlier departments where police and fire made rediculously low wages of $29k a year, and E-5 and below making less considering on base services having become decimated. But public admin population and salary having skyrocketed during the years and taking a huge jump during Clinton, Nixon and Johnson.
But the tax rates have risen in a completely incongruent manner. Basically meaning we are charging society more and giving them less.

I digress.

im swallowing my pride as I struggle with the realization that finding a job with the limited skill sets of big game hunting, yet not having the physical capability, will cause me to no longer afford the toys that I MUST HAVE!!!

So, I shall ask for those discounts. Worst case scenario is they say no and give me some lecture about how I'm no better than anyone else. (Yet I'll have a much cooler obituary!)
Go for it, brother. I've asked about mil discounts. If the business doesnt provide it, I almost everytime get the "I'm sorry, we don't" answer. Which is fine. So far its never been a rude response or lecture. My response is usually, okay, I thought I'd ask. By that time, Im already ready to try and price match or checking their website for coupons. Its not that I'm cheap, I'm trying to stretch my money a little bit more.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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