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The Shindig has hit and went and I have been busier than a vampire in a narcoleptic ward.
SO, my dear friends I thought I would show you the reason as to why I haven't been on much.
I have had a heck of time over the past 2 weeks!
First off I want to thank Jeremy for the opportunity to test out his Power Ported Performance Heads on my car.

They have been fantastic! I see a real jump in power especially after about 3100. These sucker just plant you right back in your seat and make you grin!
I have had a fair amount of experience with modifying cars so it was not a real big deal. PPP will be offering a very tidy and highly useful kit for installation of the heads that will run about 450.00. PM me for more info.

Even though I did the majority of the work myself, I had some excellent helpers along the way. The best helper was SpeedQueen herself!
Yes, indeed my wife Connie got right in there and helped twist the wrenches and provide some motivational eye candy as well!
Here she is in all her radiance!

I also had help from my little brother Matt. Remember him? He helped with the Bassani exhaust install as well! He is very proud to have been involved in the installation of the first Bassani System and the first ported and polished heads install on a Charger!! I am also very proud to announce that he will be going into the Marines Corp the year he graduates High School! OO-RAH!

She picked his pocket for grins!!

Here is some shots of the install and a look or two at the new heads! This took me most of weekend before last.

Totally nekkid!

This is deemed mighty by my little brother!

This is a lot of crappage for a 20 k head… but from what I have seen from others, its normal.

So with this in play, SpeedQueen and I got ready for the Shindig. We left out at about 5:00 am to the dawns purple light….

We traveled for a while and stopped for a breakfast of steak and eggs and I noticed this landscape feature.. it looks like a mountain with a Mohawk!

We journeyed onward without event into Georgia where we had a Ford F250 Deisel that had a little something under the hood want to play leapfrog with. I passed him first. And I think he dinna like it so he had to throttle up and pass me wide open. Not having any of that I exploded past him with HEMIlicious vigor!
Well this played over a couple of times and finally SpeedQueen said:

Dammit get in it and STAY in it and show him! Well, I did and HOW! Just as I topped the hill just outside of Forsyth my Valentine yells 'TICKET' at me!
Sooo, I haul down on the binders and start down shifting and sure enough that purty White Charger with the blue and red thingamabobbers bids me to obey.

I ease from the road and off to the side even in the dirt off the shoulder and rolled down he windows, engine off, and hands and keys on the dash board. He asked me to step from the vehicle and we had a chat about Chargers and cars and speeding.

" When I first put the radar on you, you were doing 120, when I got lock you were doing a hundred, I was kinda hoping that you would run." He said smiling .
"Oh no, I run, I go to jail, I stop and I go home and send y'all a check. I can outrun the motor….but not the Motorola.."
He smiles, so far he is exceptionally cool and very very nice. We talk some more about what I have done with Val and then he asks me what I have had it up to.
I frown.
" Off the record?"
"Yup. Look, Sir, Ya got me got me fair and square and I aint gonna ask to get out of it, all I am asking is a little leniency."
He stops and looks at me for a second..
"Okay. How about 90 in a 70?"
" Makes me giggle"
"You're my first hundred of the day, ya know…"
"Well, there may be more, there is a car show in Perry with Chargers, 300's , and Magnums.. Come on over and say hi"
"I just might….be safe ok?"
He even let me take a picture of him doin the deed.

Connie and I laughed our selves silly over the whole thing….because the moment that I saw him… I was doing 135mph.

Here is my devilish little angel!

The point of no return.

We went past Perry and on to my birthtown, Alma. One of those sad places that for some reason refuse to die although it has no real reason to persist.

Yeah, I was born past tobacco road. I got stories, lord I got stories. I was trying to find my mothers grave. I dug my mother's grave with my own hands, put her creamains in the ground and covered her up. I wandered and searched for 2 hours in the 105* 88* humid sun.
That was 9 years ago and my stepfather told me that he had put a stone marker on her grave for her. I could not find her. There was no stone, never was. It has grown over solid with grass and I couldn't locate it. I was pissed to the point of almost losing me manly composure. SO.. I went to my grandparents grave and left some flowers and a note to tell my mom that if they see her to let her know that I tried to find her and that I love her still.

SO.. we come back up and I get a bag of that country caviar known as boiled peanuts and consume them on the way.

I took some shots of the Shindig the next day. I wanted to go drag racing that night but I was staggering tired.
I hung out a little in the parking lot but cashed in early!

There has been many shots of the show…sooo I will just tell you that you can see them on the photbucket:


THIS however was the total show stealer:

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Wow, that was fantastic Rev!:thumbs_u: Glad ya got that 135 mph ticket down to 90, makes a major difference on insurance! I just love reading your posts, thanks

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Very nice write up Rev. I loved the pictures.

Also, glad to see you back on line!

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Loved the story man! Hey... didn't get a chance to tell you... Steph and I had a great time at the shindig and really enjoyed meeting you. Cya next time brotha!!

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Mr. Hammer -

Nice write up - excelent pics - COp musta thought you were nuts taking that picture and all.

Most cops are cool - if your pass the 'attitude check' as you did with style, grace and humility, they will have empathy for your situation and be more forgiving.

Thanks for the pics of the internals... your pics make it look like a clean and quick job - which I know it isn't.


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Great story Rev.

Sorry to hear about your Mom. I can imagine the feeling you must have had.

-- oh HEADS HEADS HEADS!!!! I felt the kick they had, it was great!

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rhymemaze said:
...is he writing the ticket on your trunk? I hope there are no clipboard/pen marks. :wink:
Oh no.. he had a clipboard! Very Cool Officer! He even let me look at HIS Charger!
During the whole time I was thinking about that line from 'Vanishing Point':
It takes a MoPar to catch a MoPar~!

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KGBPro said:
it was a blast meeting and conversing with you Rev, we have to meet up again soon!!!!!!
It was great meeting you and your freinds too!! I need to keep my tonsils wetter next time, tho...:wink:
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