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Old Town Cruise night meet in September!!!!!

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Ok guys, after the mini meet we have gained interest in havin the meet at Old Town in Kissimmee!!! Some of us will enter the cruise, the others can hang out and cheer us on!!! Theres plenty of fun stores and shops for gifts,snacks,toys,audio,etc,etc
If you do not know what OldTown is then heres their link
For the Cruise they are goin to want to see an obvious mod....( Rims,hood, doors, front end, etc....) it is not a contest however, if you car number gets picked you can win prizes.... I think a good show up time around 5-6pm would be good....i would like to get all the Lx's together in a row for the cruise time....the earlier we get there, the better spots we get...weget there, hang out, and have some fun

The next question is do we want to do the meet on Sept. 9th? or Sept. 16th??????

Let me know what you think.....

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ok lots of feedback here!
LOL thanx man!!!!!i knew i could count on you!!!!
its either the 9th or the 16th.......
then it shall be noted!
NIM said:
Good to know... I would've felt pretty retarded if we all got turned away :(
im sure you would Avery LOL
RT NOMAD said:
Okay. Then the painting shall begin Sep 1st. No reason the 16th won't be a CAN DO date for me.:pepper:
Do we have a gathering place and time? Or do we just plan to show up at Old Town individually?
i think we should gather either at the 7-11 or thecheckers which is out front of OldTown
NIM said:
HEY! You jus' shut yer hole!!!! Folks 'roun here don't take too kindly to no dern retard-finger-pointin' no how! lol
yeehaw!!!!be here at 1p and take the damn dog out!
1 - 9 of 23 Posts
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