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Thought I'd try an experiment.

I'll put links to threads in this section for car shows, meet and greets, cruises, racing etc. Hopefully, if I can keep up with it, it will keep events from getting lost.

Car Shows: :wax:

2014 All Mopar Spring Roundup
June 1 Everett

Victory Car Show
August 2nd Marysville

2014 Dream Builders Car Show with RACING!
Monroe WA
August 10

Unique Tin Car Show
Longview WA
August 22nd and 23rd

August ?

Arlington Drag Strip Reunion
Saturday Car Show
September ?

Oregon Events, Car Auctions, Swap Meets, Motorcycle Shows, Event listings and Coverage
Portland area car shows

XXX Drive In (no link to a thread yet...)
Issaquah WA
October ?

Wrench Parties: :modding:

Meet and Greets: :huddle:

[-]Puyallup Cruise In
Feb 18 1:00PM
Sonic/Kohl's in Hillsboro
Friday/Saturday nights

Burgerville - Hillsboro
Saturday Nights Cruse
Cruises: :racing:

Mt St Helens Run 2014

Parties: :beerchug:


Mopar Nationals
Woodburn Oregon
July 18-20 2014

Bremerton Raceway Full 2014 Schedule

Pacific Raceways Full 2014 Schedule

Portland PIR Drag Racing Full 2012 Schedule

CCCA Drag Race Dates
Join the Car Club Challenge! Lots of fun.

Evergreen Street Drags
Monroe -
This is 1/8 mile drag racing, on the straight away of an Oval track.

Portland raceway schedule, drags and road course events

PDF Schedule
Home Page

Canada Stuff
BC events schedule

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Good idea, brother! Hopefully it inspires everyone to gtg more often!

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I can start and probably post a spreadsheet if anyone thinks thats a good idea.

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Evergreenstreetdrags.com has posted their dates, Monroe 1/8 mile drags.
April 3rd Sunday
May 8th Sunday
May 13th Friday
May 22nd Sunday
May 27nd Friday
June 10th Friday
June 17th Friday
June 26th Sunday
July 2nd Saturday
July 17th Sunday
July 24th Sunday
July 31st Sunday
August 5thFriday
August 14th Sunday
August 21st Sunday
August 26th Friday Exhibition
September 9th Friday
September 23th Friday
September 25th Sunday
September 30th Friday
October 9th Sunday
October 16th Sunday
October 23rd Sunday

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The MOPAR Car show in Spokane is June 18th. I don't know about you guys, but I had a lot of fun last year and would love to have everyone out here again. Do some racing.... some showing.... some eating.... some playing and enjoying great friends and company.

There are several shows at Silverwood to include the Excelerator http://www.exceleratorcarshow.com/
21 August... BTW, they still use Bryan's Charger on their poster...
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