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Notification of next of kin

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Ok, yesterday I got a new phone and planned on updating all my contacts and synching everything up with Outlook this morning in my office.

Driving in to work this morning I hear a report that there was a young woman murdered in Joliet, IL. They go further and state that the police would not release details of the murder except to say it was definately a murder. They also stated that the young woman was found lying in the snow next to a white Chevy Cavalier and the police would not comment on the connection between the vehicle and the young woman. Next they give an intersection near where the murder occured and say that is is the West Park neighborhood.

So... my daughter is 27, lives in the West Park neighborhood, drives a white Cavalier. Sh!t! To make matters worse, her number is not in my new phone yet, and since phones have their own phonebooks these days, I have NO CLUE what it is... GRRRRR!

I called my wife, (not my daughter's mom), and asked her to call my daughter and to make sure she is ok... She calls me back and tells me that I have totally freaked out my daughter by having my wife call her at 5:45 a.m. making my daughter think something has happened to me.

Lets get back tothe subject line above, and I probably should have made this a poll... But would you rather have the new media release the name of a victim when they report on these typess of things? Or would you rather they waited until they could notify the next of kin?

Right now, I wish they had given a name... maybe I'll feel differently after I lose some of the stress from this morning?

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wow...i'm glad she's ok though, i would rather have them notifie me in person, instead of releasing it to the public first, like meg said horrible thing to hear over the radio when your on your way to work...or not even hear it on the radio and finding out from other people and being in shock. just my .02
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