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No shifty after motor swap

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Hey need another brain in this. Rebuilt and put in my 5.7 (with a cam), now shifting is non existent. It’s technically shifting, my shifter is acting normal, the correct gears are showing up on my dash (except autostick), and no fluid was lost during the swap. TC didn’t even come out. Battery was out for some time, all adaptives are reset.

I drove it forward and I had to rev it to get it to move. Same with reverse to back it up again. I’ve only gone forward and reverse.

Need to break in the motor. Need it to shift first. Only thing is the transmission wasn’t even touched during this swap. Do I just power through it and try to get some miles on it? I'm still trying to break this in so big rev's are a no-no right now.

Any ideas anyone?

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You didn't have to disconnect the transmission lines running to the front of the car? You would have lost some fluid if you disconnected them.
I would double-check the quality of the fluid and check the level of the fluid.
Ok update. I’ve decided I need to pull out the transmission. I think I may have not seated my TC in properly. I’ve concluded this because when I put it in drive, it’s actually in neutral- I can push it in gear. Same with reverse. So that’s where I’m at.

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I don't know if that's it. You have input speed sensor readings in the same range as the engine RPM. This leads me to believe your TC is spinning.
If it was me I'd be looking into the conductor plate. It's a common part to fail and it has all the speed sensors for the transmission. The fact that your output sensor is out of range makes me think this part is bad. Your transmission will go into a limp mode which feels like it's in neutral no matter what gear you're in. What I don't know is why you're not getting a code for it but that U0114 code could be related.
That's just my thought thou.
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