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No more 4x4 fender gap next week!

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I've got my appointment booked with Ding's Auto in Vancouver, WA next week. Going to install a set of BC Coilovers. I can't wait to eliminate the fender gap and get my Charger to a lower stance.

Its got the police package and special service package so it handles pretty well, not much body roll.

But every time I see a pic in the forums in a signature or on a vendor site, all I noticed was the low stance and lack of any fender gap. Then I go out to drive to work and the first thing I notice is the fender gap on my car.

That all ends next week. I'm even putting off a fender repair (used purchase and came with fender damage) to get these installed.

im thinking at least 2" all the way around. For those who run BC what do you have yours set at?
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Hows the BR coilovers holding out? Hows the ride?
I so want to lower my AWD...
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