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New, but not an owner yet.

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Hi everyone,

I'm not an owner yet, but i'm thinking about buying an '07 Magnum awd r/t.

I'd like to get some questions answered before I start to really consider it.

First, is the awd system a mechanical system or is it computer controlled?
I ask because my girlfriend has a Buick Rendezvous and the awd system has
gone out due to some module in the rear end.

For those who own an awd, how do you like the performance in bad weather?

These cars seem to have good reliability ratings, but I occasionally read about
a serious transmission issue. What would that be and is it preventable or

I'm going from an '03 Intrepid SE and it's the biggest piece of s**t i've ever
owned. I won't hold it against Dodge, but i'd love to hear about what a better
car the Magnum is.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story, LOL!
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Hi Matt! Welcome to the forums from Phoenix, AZ! :pepper:
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