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New 300C door pulls installed...PICS!

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Nice touch since the stock Magnum door panels are very 'bland' to say the least!Did all 4 in under an hour.

Thanks goes to Jaak for the inspiration!

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It would definately be on my list if anyone finds out any updated info on where to get em.

I called around about these and THEY ARE NOT CHEAP!
94.00 APIECE!
I think I will pass on these, just not worth that kind of money.
They are nice.... but not that nice.
51.75 at moparsupercenter maybe you guys can get a group buy together. I did these a couple of years ago and love em.

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For sure get a group buy together..I am thinking we got them for like $90 for both front and rears.
They were about 100 for 4 when I got mine. But then again my stocks were worth something then too. My how things have changed.
wow another 2 year old thread.
81 - 88 of 88 Posts
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