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Never Again: Chevy Malibu

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I borrowed a car from work to go on a trip to Albuquerque. They refuse to pay for mileage on my car so I had to take one of theirs. At first I was glad to hear I was getting one of the newer cars in our car pool instead of one of the older vans.

As I was coming down the mountain into town the roads were moist. They were not wet. No puddles, no standing water, just damp roads. Car tires in front of me were picking up a light spray that couldn't even hit my windshield when I was close to them.

I get halfway down the mountain and am nearing town when I get two loud beeps on the radio and the display says "Power Steering". I think 'oh great, the twits didn't check the power steering fluid lately. I'll pop on over to Checker Auto and check it myself and buy some if I have to.' I change lanes and can tell that the power steering is completely gone so I'm a little concerned at this point but think maybe the reservoir is just bone dry perhaps.

Once I'm at Checker Auto I cannot find the power steering reservoir. The two Checker Auto guys can't find it. I've explained my problem to them and they are both baffled. I check the fuse box and there is no power steering fuse in there (not by that name at least). So one guy calls a friend of his and finds out that the power steering is driven by the smooth side of the serpentine belt and if it gets even the slightest bit wet you completely lose power steering until it dries and you turn the vehicle off and on.

At this point I'm furious with Chevy and my employer for having such a craptastic car! Now I'm expected to drive this thing 450+ miles for meetings in a couple days. WTF! I don't feel safe in a vehicle that could lose power steering at any moment. What if I'm making a turn and the power steering suddenly cuts off because an ant pi$$ed on the belt?

Perhaps my employer's auto crew left off the under carriage plastic shield (like the ones we have), but on the other hand there should be no design that relies on a piece of plastic to protect something as critical as power steering.

I'm going to have a few choice words with some people at work and *never* drive another Chevy Malibu again. Next time they can pay me milage to drive my own car which I *KNOW* is safe.
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MagnumSXT said:
My co. pays me .10 per mile. I'd drive the Malibu. Odds are that you won't have any additional issue with it.
HAHA! You're funny! Guess what happened as soon as I got on the highway to drive 230 miles?

Yep. The power steering died again. I stopped and turned off the vehicle. This time the power steering didn't come back so I drove the rest of the way on the highway and through town without power steering. On vehicles designed to not have power steering it ain't no problem. On vehicles that rely on it working (no special gearing) it is hard and dangerous to steer this POS.

I got ahold of some people from work (they were off todday) and we're playing phone tag. They probably won't be able to do anything for me until Monday. I knew I should have left that POS at home and drove my Magnum. I wanted to drive my car in the first place! But some twit at work screwed it up for everyone so now no one can get paid for milage on their personal vehicle.

I hope I don't get into a wreck up here in Albuquerque. I really don't want to have to drive this thing around a big city.
Chevy Malibu = Big stinking pile of rotting fecal matter.

And to think, I actually liked the Impala. I find it hard to like a car company when they come out with something that has safety problems and is only 1 year old and has 46k miles on it. (Maybe this is why ALL other cars have actual real power steering pumps with power steering fluid in them and not some crazy electrical or fart powered motor for power steering.)

(/End Rant)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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