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I need help reprogramming a PCM with a different setup and VIN. VIN will not match the setup. I already have a 3.5l PCM to work with.
Will AlphaOBD allow me to do this or do I need something more High-tech?
Did a 2.7l swap to a 3.5l in a 2009 300. 2.7l cars had optional ABS, usually not. Most 3.5l cars were the next level up and all came with ABS. No big deal right? Not so fast. With ABS, the PCM looks for the speed sensor in a different location than non-ABS. So, you lose speedomter and cruise if you just swap a 3.5l computer in.
Maybe you can just redirect where it looks for the speed sensor. Computers are identical between both engines, and other cars. They just change the programming for whatever the setup is.
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