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Need help finding a place that works on our LX's

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more specifically, I need someplace that can change out my cam and the underdrive pulley. let me know if you guys know of any.

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i was jus about to say kevin's garage.......
im not really into going on cruises and stuff anymore and im not really looking to join any clubs. I just like to cruise once in a while with a smaller group and chill, hang out and talk story. and im guessing your talking about dodge ikonz. they are a fairly big group and I believe they have mandatory meetings and other stuff, definitely not my thing.
alpha pro- dodge ikonz gatherings arent mandatory, if you can make it, then you make it. if not, we understand since we do have priorities. but, if you ever could make it out to one of the gatherings, come ............

btw, what's your ride? i dont seem to remember if you mentioned what type of lx you drive. maybe i seen you on da road somewhere. kinda easy to remember my car since my screen name is my personal plates.:beerchug:
gee, i should've looked at your profile first.... what color is your charger?
I have a silver one. I have seen you around before, but I was never in my car. I've seen you at 4play in aiea once.
if it was at night, i was there to listen to kawao. seen a few silver chargers on da road. if you ever see me on da road, call me out. i like see how bad i get beat!!!! *L* j/k... jus honk and i give da shaka:beerchug:
yo kev, how's the land that made godzilla famous? hope all is well with you and the ohana
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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