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I know there are a bunch of post about DIY installs for the KW V2 and Hotchkis setups in the 300s. I wanted to share some of my knowledge with the members since I just installed mine. I think I may have found some easier solutions to the hardest parts of the install.

First off, if you are doing one and even slightly considering doing the other, do them both at the same time.

I know that most of the post show using a spring compressor on the front struts PRIOR to removing the strut. This is completely unnecessary. The top plate on the strut holds the spring in place. So when removing the strut remove the top three bolts, leave the middle one alone and remove the lower strut bolt and the sway bar link bolt.

Remove the upper ball joint nut and split the upper a-arm from the spindle. I used a gear puller instead of a pickle fork. Much less chance of hitting the car. After that you can pull the entire strut and spring unit out.

Now you can get your spring compressors on there and compress the spring much easier than doing it inside the wheel well.

Anyways, you can see the difference between the stock sway bar and the Hotchkis.



On the rear, since you have to drop the back cradle anyways, there is no need to get the huge spring compressor for the back. Pull the four bolts and drop the entire assembly. The spring and the shocks fall out.

Hope this helps.

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good information. Thank you!

Im thinking of doing my front control arms (upper and lower), tension struts, ball joints, (upper and lower), tie rods, and sway bar end links myself. I have new coilovers so this method would allow me to forgo the spring compressors all together for the front end. 06 300c.
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