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More Peekskill Show Pics

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Hey everyone. I had a great time today with all of you folks, even though you had to play "hide the fire extinguisher" with me.

I admit I was kind of disappointed not winning a trophy. I really thought I had a shot

Here's the pics.

(Hey Art-Brendan did really show up, but he slept in the car most of the day I did get him up for a picture though)

Brendon (son of MrHemi2U)
Random Access (Michael) and daughter What a cutie (His son was camera shy-another cutie
Chasb (as himself)
Carfinish (Stell)
Hemi31 (Erik)


Random Access (Michael's) Wife Michelle's 3.5 Charger
Koby's wife's GoMango charger
Random Access's Maggie AWD

Hemi 31 and Dano
Chasb engine bay
chasb show sheet
first three on scene (l to r) Carfinish, Chasb, Dano
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Now that I got some sleep,Nice pics Chas.They would not come up last night.
I still wish we got the guy scratching his head on video.He was good entertainment for Dano and me.
Oh man its getting worse too. I may have to go see a doctor on this one :doh:
I still say it's poison ivy!
The second pic left to right is Dano,Koby,Random Access,and Me.
Hehe,guess he won't be driving much for a while....lol.Guess it was better he slept late than try to drive the car in bad shape.Don't be too hard on him,he did do a good job detailing the car at the show:wink:
But there's no fire extinguisher in the cup holder!
Perfect. At least I know what to get all you guys for Christmas this year.

THere's a special in Costco on fire extinguishers.
But are they chrome?
No -getting them all red so you guys don't mistake mine for yours

Better mount yours with screws then:Na_Na_Na_Na:
If you didn't like us passing around your fire extinguisher... You shouldn't have started all those fires!!!

Where did you get that anyway??
He stole it from the guy in the Diablo!
That guy was kinda out of place there...
He's been there every year for 6 years with that car.I'd love to drive that thing.
1 - 12 of 56 Posts
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