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Thinking this applies primarily to 'connected cars'?

Anyway, I now have four Mopar apps on my phone and iPad, including one UConnect app. Confused? Me too, as many of the functions are overlapping. I only have one FordPass phone app that seems to cover everything necessary.

Currently installed:

My Mopar v. 2.0.38
UConnect Sirius XM Guardian v. 3.5.11
My Chrysler v.2.0.38
Chrysler v.1.58.3 (new)

My Mopar and My Chrysler appear to be the same app. Chrysler app update is supposed to replace the previous two?

Email and 'update' button led me to the Chrysler v.1.58.3 app I had never seen before. Downloading it directly from the App Store last night and it was instant FAIL as my dealer and warranty info didn't roll over - set off car horn by accident - was done with the app at this point and removed it..

Downloaded through the 'Update' button in the current apps this morning and all of the info appears. Leaving everything alone for the moment.

All constructive comments welcome.
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