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Mopar day at Infineon 2009

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I'm starting this thread now. I know it's 6 months away but, now you can make plans for saturday June 6th 2009.

This event is for all Mopars and Mopar powered vehicles only.
Late model and old school car show.
Vendors are welcome too. Vendors spaces will cost $15 (no food vendors)

There will also be a Jackpot round winner takes all. Buy in is $10..

2007 was good.
2008 was awesome.
2009 will be great.

1. CRF, Charger R/T
2. NightMare R/T Charger R/T
3. budoboy (Jeff) Charger SRT
4. betta510 (Hugo) Charger R/T
5. Deuuuce (Rob) Charger SRT
6. will kirk (Will) Magnum R/T
7. PrettyTony 300c SRT
10. Daytona606
11. IrishChargerR/T
12. Chief 300C SRT8
13. BlueBee (maybe)...

15. SRT9 Charger SRT8
16. 07Inferno (maybe)
17. Jeff Challenger SRT8 (not a forum member)
18. The tech guy at the track 08 Challenger SRT8
19. NummThumz R/T R&T <maybe>
21. Talon <maybe>
22. Centurion 300C
23. Cheatek SRT8 Mag.
24. Trojan a very fast Challenger <maybe>
25. Brian SRT8
26. 8yourM5
28. SRT5150 SRT8 Magnum
29. Non-Stop R/T
33. ikilu
34. Quick

PLUS 4 or 5 more LX'ers
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Of course I'm in!
I'll be racing!

Adding performance mods and NOT racing is ghey IMO. What's the point? A trailer-queen LX? All-show and No-go? Please!
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Hey, no offense I hope. I got feedback I stirred the pot, LOL! The more the merrier but lets see a display of power too. :)

And even for you big-hp guys, as envious as I am, just baby it off the line and roll on the power. Lets see some awesome trap speeds if not great ETs! Plus the sound will match the looks, right?
South Bay Guys: 2 or 3 Silver Charger SRT-8s (ghey, I know) and a modded black R/T Viper are meeting at 7:30am at the Starbucks at the SW corner of Bascom and Hamilton, next to the Whole Foods.
Disappointing turn-out from the LX crowd which was ironic because they opened up the event to all NHRA competitors so if you didn't get there before 9am, you got 1 run BEFORE bracket eliminations. It sucked.

Great to hang out with the guys though, had some good laughs. The cars were all pretty sweet.
I got 5 runs total. Not too shabby for Infineon. I spent all Memorial Day there and only got 2 runs.

Search under "mopar day 2009" on youtube and there are 2 good videos. You are in there beating me.

There is also a picture thread here which as an awesome photo of us lining up in the smoke with the American flag in the background. I'm going to get it framed.
You're right, getting there early was the key.

I found the vids, thanks. Can you provide the link of the photo? I did some preliminary searching and couldn't find it. Thanks!
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