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Mooresville Dragway 9/14

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Heading up again on Thursday for some runs......
Anyone else??
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Man, I got a PTA meeting tonite. Grrrr...
I'm gonna start a "Will's excuses list" :eek:wned:

1. I have to work late
2. Man, I got a PTA meeting tonite.
3. I have to sell girl scout cookies tonite.
4. My dog needs to be expressed.....
5. I just got an email from my wife. I won't be able to do the show on Sat. She has to work and my daughter has a sort of Debutant thing that she has to be at then my son has something he has to be

Sorry Will - had to do it... :banana:

On another note - My wife actually asked this morning if we could go to the Auto Fair, so I may be in......
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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