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I was noticing that the

Valvecovers for the 3.5L are only $83.07
Timing covers $82.48
Tensioner $23.73

All for $189.28

Since they are aluminum, I was wondering if they can be chromed or powder coated? I was thinking of polishing, but after buying some polished wheel back in the day, polishing was a constant chore. Any of the chromers or painters out there have any idea of cost?? I dont have the luck of a second car to be able to have the Mag down. My mag is silver it would be somewhat silly to have them powdercoated silver since it would barely be noticable, so I am leaning towards chroming.

BTW way for the 2.7L guys it would cost $117.91 for valvecovers

Some reason they are listing only the back covers for the 5.7L & 6.1L.
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