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Migliore Detailed: 2008 LS3 Corvette

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I was pretty fortunate with this one guys...

The owner let me drive this piece of American muscle around all day a week prior to detailing it, I'm hooked! It was probably the most fun I've ever had in a car. I took it for about 4 hours, on everything from back roads to highway. The coolest feature inside is that the Navigation gets projected onto the windshield when driving. When I returned he said "Alright, now you need to detail it". I booked him a time for next week (today).


2008 C6 Covette

- 6 Speed manual.
- LS3: 442 Horsepower.
- East Coast Corvettes exhaust.
- Leather and navigation.

The car is a weekend cruiser and only has 600 miles on it. The pain was in great condition and did not need polishing.


Wash: Foamed with Poorboys Slick and Suds.
Clay: Meguiars. Clayed sparingly where needing.
Wax Migliore: Orignal Liquid Wax
Trim and wells: Migliore: Brilliant Trim Dressing.
Wheels: Migliore: Wheel Seal.
Tires: Migliore: Bella Lustra Tire Shine



Wax Applied


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Car looks noticeably better AFTER the foam job! Even your neighbor across the stree was washing his ride. Looks like you beat him though.
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