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Just wanted to let you guys know that the Midwest Musclecar Challenge on May 29-30 is now open to ALL years of American made musclecars. Originally we had limited the event to pre 78 vehicles, but we had so much interest from the later model guys that we decided to open it up.
The highlights are:
  • 60 musclecars doing road course, autocross, and a speed-stop braking test
  • LOTS of track time in all segments
  • Professional driving instructors available
  • Kickass BBQ ribfeast on Saturday night
  • TV show being filmed at the event - Mothers Car Show episode to be aired in June
  • Car show on Sunday for the guys who want to participate but aren't ready to run their car yet
Here is some more information: http://www.midwestmusclecarchallenge.com/
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