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LX/LC Road Course Records

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One more Record thread…we'll get this filled up as the season progresses and we'll do some tweaking as the discussion moves on. I know MattRobertson will be providing lots of guidance on this… I'll make the footballs and keep record :)
We've decided that only one football will be issued per track…no breakdown by different models of the LX and LC platform as in the drag racing thread.
I used Matt's suggestion from previous thread to set some guidelines. Please add suggestions and we will modify accordingly.

Here is an excellent read on LX/LC Road Course Preparation from our members.

Rules and Guidelines
** No restrictions on Weight,tires, T-stat, Aero…well none really just go out and race the track…refer to equipment rules for the track you are running.
**** An Image of the timing equipment's screen (see below) showing your time, posted in this thread before football issued or updated.
Per previous discussion
Laps must be self-timed in the car, using either your own timing equipment or the track vendor's timing transponder equipment. If the vendor's equipment, either steal a time sheet at the track (they should be giving them out) or off their web site via screen shot. If your own timing equipment, take a picture of the time and thats your timeslip. Tracks are different enough that it'd be mighty tough to fake that, and if someone does they'll be easy enough to catch at it.
No fair running a stopwatch against your in-car video (I (Matt) am just as tempted to do that as the next guy) because there is no guarantee your camera is replaying at EXACT real life speed). Videos are purely for in-thread bragging rights.
There is no need to get a population running a track to get a football. Whoever runs a given track has the fastest time on it until someone else goes to that track and intercepts the ball.
Records set at multiple tracks by one individual will be consolidated onto one football.

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Cibalo...I'll let Matt :Na_Na_Na_Na: make the decision on that one... LOL
Oh *great*. Dump it in my lap.

Well, if we can take a picture of timing gear I suppose we can take a picture of a stopwatch setting. Thats not an issue I guess, but the accuracy of the person running the stopwatch is. Should we talk this over with everyone maybe in the other thread so this one doesn't get cluttered?


I'll ask the question over there.
http://www.motorsportranch.com/1.7-road-course.cfmSo to qualify we need a video running with a stop watch visable in the car or I need to find someone's timing device I can borrow for the day correct?
We decided on no stopwatches, but I have to admit I never considered a video camera with a stopwatch visible onscreen. Lets go to the other thread and discuss how if can make that work so we keep this thread as clean as we can.
Well there you go! I got the call from Rob earlier this evening and I heard you were The Man on this day. Congratulations! You are now the standard everyone else is trying to beat on this track.
If someone else is quicker post up and save me the effort of capturing/posting screenshots etc...
BZZZZZ! Its very likely you're the fastest on both tracks, unless Chris got you.
OK here's my submission for ThunderHill Raceway: 2:17.69. I consider this a good starting point. I know Steve Levin can beat it. And so can I if I spend more time there. I was pretty green on it Saturday.

I rented a timer from the vendor because I forgot my transmitter :-(

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Yeah no kidding!

I'd have video up but the damn ftp isn't cooperating.
That is an excellent idea!
Thanks Dood! I hope to better that... and I just signed up for Infineon for May 4 and July 4
Geez Dan. ONLY CUZ ITS YOU! everyone else can fend for themselves.

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Dan I am running Laguna on May 27 with TrackMasters. Infineon on July 4 but thats a test-n-tune. No timing allowed. TrackMasters has 4 more Infineon days scheduled this year. One of them is same day as SpeedVentures (October 8/9).

Note that Laguna is closing down to private clubs for most of the rest of this year, and TrackMasters has 3 of the 4 events available. Aaron has the 4th which is in August. I'm planning on being there August 22 August 23.

Be there. Aloha!

I had a day reserved at Infineon on May 4 but cancelled it as they are only running advanced groups that day and I want more seat time there before stepping into that.

EDIT: Just read the SpeedVentures writeup on their Aug Laguna date. Aug 21/22 is a slower 35-car field and Aug 23 is for advanced drivers only. Thats me.
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As long as this thread has resurfaced ... I'm heading to Infineon later this year and they'll allow timing equipment. Going for it there. And Thunder Hill is tomorrow. No timing allowed but I think I can sneak my transmitter onto the back straight. Laguna next month. Crossing my fingers for better times but its getting cooler and last time I couldn't cross 1:50.
Doesn't have to be a spectacular time. I put up my Thunder Hill lap just to get one up there and give someone a target to shoot at. We need more of those.

The Laguna time, on the other hand... thats an LX best by a long shot over any other recorded LX time. Closest was XE Ryder and he was over 5 (five) seconds slower, but still fast. Bring your A game if you want to beat that one in one of these lead sleds. Can't wait to get some times at Infineon. October is soonest I'll be back there though.
I wasn't going to bug you until I get Infineon under my belt, but since you asked :)

Taken from this thread:


Thanks! (and no rush)
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If I was to run Sebring or PBIR since I would be the first does that mean I still get a football or is there a time I would have to beat! Thanks!
We have to start somewhere and if you are the first, the football is yours. Laguna and ThunderHill are that way for me, although I suppose XE Ryder was chasing me around at Laguna for awhile, and I beat my own time for the current time at Thunder Hill.

Here's my application for #3: Infineon Raceway in Sonoma CA. a.k.a. Sears Point.

Hemi Family was there with me but his time was slower. I still haven't written up my story for that day. Had a big storm out here and got sidetracked babysitting a generator for a few days.
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Also, here is my ghetto fabulous mounting for Flybyu's lap timer that i borrowed.
Now that is dang clever right there!

I originally thought my Infineon time was going to be unapproachable for the rest of the year due to cold weather, but we are having record hi temps for this time of year. Supposed to cross 80 today.

I am running Infineon again Friday and I am going to hold out hope that the warm weather holds. If it does I have a shot this year at running a sub-2-minute lap with proof to back it up.
yeah yeah give me a minute.... ;)
Hey as long as he started whining first, how about my Infineon (Sears Point) time from October? I wanted to wait until I had a last-chance-in-2009 to break it last week, and the rain gods peed all over me. So I won't be coming back to bug you for a few months on that one.
oh i know its horribly slow, maybe you should put a bit W on it for wet.
The record is the record, and we have to start somewhere. Thats why I did my first run at TH and asked for the ball... gets something on the board and gives people something to shoot at. If anybody shows up that is. On the west coast we are short of Real Men I guess.

I'm coming for you Matt!
ooops waitasec. There's at least one more out there. And...

... You and what army?!?

1st time on the course, tonight, on Forza Motorsport 3. I've been studying your lines...
So what is that, Laguna? Looks like Turn 11 but the elevations are all wrong.

No thats their idea of Turn 5, isn't it... The curve is all wrong for 11 (and the elevation is totally wrong for 5). hooo man you are gonna LOVE the real thing on Dec 18.

You've seen what happened to Jeremy Clarkson when he tried the Forza vs. real life thing, right? :D
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Which means you do give up eventually. :D

Get your game on and hone your skills cuz when Cam gets his road course Magnum working we are both going to need all of them.

Unless he's all talk. We'll see.
Thanks dood!

The road course config of Infineon is 2.52 miles. The NASCAR config, which skips some of the hard stuff, is 1.95 miles. I was running road course config.
computer racing is for ****. Just say no!
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