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I thought this was pretty cool and that I'd share. The Lance Armstrong foundation is having the "Livestrong Summit" in late Oct. in TX.

One of my wifes friends had ovarian cancer a couple of years ago and signed up to attend, and suggested that since my wife has BC she should sign up to attend as well. Well, evidently you have to get accepted to attend this thing. Kari, my wife, was accepted and her friend was not. After getting her acceptance email she signed up on the Livestrong site for a "scholarship" for the summit. Last night she gets an email back saying she gets the scholarship, basically a full ride, including air fair and room and board, to attend the 3 day summit.

She's super excited about going. I hope she gets a lot of good out of it and comes back and is able to help others the way she wants to with the knowledge she gains.
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