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Kinda beat one of our own...SLK

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OK, have not raced anyone in a long while, but today on my way home from work, I pull up next to a Mercedes SLK Roadster at a red light on highway 20(yes, this part of the highway has lights).

Well I am tired and not even thinking about racing, until he gives me the race look. I'm like "OK", light turns green, I kick down and we both get off the line pretty quick, I slowly start to pull away until

BANG, third gear (this is my power gear), and wham little black dot in the rear view mirror.

It wasn't the greatest kill, as he was not much of a competioin, but a kill non the less.
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I love walking past Benz owners and saying....."Nice Dodge"......if looks could kill!!!lmao
Wow, I'm not the only one who does that? Most of them are really confused by it...

I used to like saying "Nice Chevette!" to Fiero owners... All in good fun of course, because the first one did have a similar motor and other parts.
Nothing like :eek:wned: on the rich cousin...

Nice one Carsten!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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