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She's done heck darnit!
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ONE GOOOOOOD BEER. Not some crappy beer. A good beer.

And my apologies to the people who were trying to sleep. Who ended up calling the cops. On us. And having me answer the door:

Cops: Can we come in>?
Me: <deposit one brick> uh sure
Cops: you're having some party here huh?
Me: just the three of us.... and all this here booze...
Cops: you got a lot of booze on this table.
Me:; Uuuuhhhh better to see you with, occifer!

< ... part I can't remember due to scotch and beer...>

Cops: cut the **** before you get kicked out!
Me: Yes sir! thank you sir!

The end.

Dammi!! You owe me one beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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