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The last issue of Mopar Action shows a set of Viper reproduction wheels on a 71 Cuda and were mentioned to be custom made with an offset that fits the Cuda.

I'd like to do a Challenger SRT8 wheel for my AlterKation suspension (RMS suspension - http://www.reillymotorsports.com) 73 Cuda, but the offset will have to be altered to fit.

I need either a 17" x8" with 5.5-5.75" backspace or 18" x 8" with 6" or more backspace.

Can you do a Challenger wheel with these offsets, considering the design of the spokes?

Is cost prohibitive? The MA article mentioned the 20" Viper wheels were under $1000 custom made. Not bad.



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This bothers me - why have a forum if you don't respond to questions for quotes? I'm out of the market for now to be honest, but for the future, let me know what you can do?
I usually respond to requests for quotes in a private message. If I missed your request on the forum I am sorry. You can also email me at [email protected] or call 800-824-2676.

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