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Just sold a friend of mine a black / gray 300 touring - hooked up in a day

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I sell cars, i just sold my boy a 2005 Black touring 300 with a moonroof. before he picked it up he had me limo tint it all the way around, the day he picked it up he ordered these bently style halo HUGE headlights for it, this grill of all grills. I have never seen a grill like this on a 300. ITS HUGE. between the headlights & the grill, it looks JUST like a bently, then at the shop he puts some tinted LED tails in it, and puts a deck in it. Before he drove off my lot - he took a bone stock 9,000 mile car and drove away in a show winning car sittin on some TIS 09 22 w/ a big fat lip.

I am trying to get him onto this site - he installs stereo's, systems for a living & does some sick work - i'll get him to post some pics.

it was like watching pimp my ride in 2 hours hahaha. What a sexy looking car when it was done. I CANNOT believe how 22's get sucked into that car so perfect. wow.
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You knew that was comin'!!!
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