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DMag, etc...I apologize in advance if this is inappropriate, but this situation just came up today.

Today I was at Jerry Ulm Dodge in Tampa, FL to get my new spark plugs installed (see this thread. I told them how pleased I was with my previous visit (see this thread for more details) and that I wrote a positive message on these forums, recommending them to the Florida LX members. I even told them about the LX forum and how we have the Florida LX club meet and greets. They appreciated the kudos. Later one of the customer service tech reps, Mike, stated that his boss granted all LXForum members a 10% discount on all parts and labor (for now, indefinite).

All you have to do is mention you are a LX Forum member and you'll automatically receive 10% off all parts and labor! If for some reason the person you are dealing with is clueless, just ask for Mike (he's usually in the last booth on the driveway near the entrance to the maintenance facility and has grey-ish hair). He'll assist you.

NOTE: At this time they don't require any forum member identification and this offer only applies to LX vehicles. Bringing in your LX vehicle, along with your honest claim to be an LX Forum member, is proof enough for this discount. However, to prevent abuse of this generous offer, I would highly recommend we get some sort of no cost official proof of membership.

This offer is only for parts and labor, not for vehicle purchases. I can honestly state these guys provided me with great technical service. However, I have not dealt with Jerry Ulm dealers...so I can't give you any details on how the dealers operate for vehicle purchases.

Corner of North Dale Mabry and Spruce St (also called W Boy Scout Blvd), just south of the Raymond James Stadium. Do not go to the Jerry Ulm on Hillsborough Ave.

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Guess they forgot about this, Great dealership but they are still a dealership..... A suggestion to anyone who takes their car in for service their (especially oil changes) make sure they tell you their price for the oil before they do the service!
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