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We are starting a Group Buy on JBA Headers and Exhaust. We need 10 total orders before the first batch is ordered. Place your order @ www.toomeycustoms.com.

Nothing says "power" like a great sounding exhaust system. The new LX cars are quick but the stock exhaust keeps the HEMI from making maximum power and is far too mellow. JBA spent countless hours testing and tuning to engineer the perfect exhaust for the Magnum and Charger including SRT8 models. The end result is an ultra high flow system that makes real power with the authentic sound of a true muscle car without annoying interior resonance common on other systems. Each JBA exhaust features smooth flowing mandrel-bent tubing, high quality hardware, fully welded JBA mufflers and finish with great looking polished and chrome plated stainless steel rolled lip tips. Dyno test show gains of +10 hp and +18 lb-ft of torque on the 5.7 L and 17.1hp and 21.9 lb-ft of torque on the SRT8 at 4000 RPM. Not only do these systems sound awesome but they look great too. Don't settle for excessive noise and cheap tips that turn yellow. JBA has the power, sound and quality you're looking for.
::Exhaust Features:: • Aggressive sound without annoying interior resonance
• Smooth flowing mandrel-bent tubing
• Stainless steel construction
• High flow JBA mufflers
• Polished stainless steel chrome plated rolled lip exhaust tip with JBA logo
• Easy bolt-on installation
• High quality hardware
• O.E. style exhaust hangers
• Will not void factory warranty
• 50 state smog legal

Exhaust Group Buy Price - $399

JBA has been building and testing headers for the 5.7L HEMI since it was introduced in 2003. With this experience our engineers were familiar with the design and flow characteristic of the heads and knew what the engine would respond best to. The engineering team at JBA addressed the critical short comings of the 5.7L HEMI exhaust manifolds with a fresh design that started with high flowing 1-3/4" mandrel bent stainless steel tubing. By giving each cylinder a smooth unrestricted path, back pressure is reduced and flow goes way up. The giant 3" collector was engineered using JBA's patented Firecone® - a unique directional device similar to what you find on a long tube race header - which improves flow by providing efficient scavenging of exhaust gasses. Other standard features like thick 3/8" CNC laser-cut flanges, O.E. style JBA sealing dome connection to the exhaust and high quality hardware make them a highly effective upgrade for the HEMI. Bolt-on a set and feel the JBA difference

::Header Features::
• 3/8" thick laser-cut single piece flanges
• 1-3/4" stainless steel primaries
• Patented JBA Firecone® merge collector
• JBA sealing dome connection with exhaust
• Premium quality hardware and gaskets
• Direct bolt-on installation
• Will not void factory warranty
• Optional ceramic coating (thermal barrier)
• 50 state smog legal
::Header Benefits::
• Increase hp & torque throughout RPM range
• Improved throttle response
• Reduced back pressure
• Reduced under hood temperature
• Increased passing power
• Increased low-end torque
• Makes engine more sensitive to other modifications (intake, chip,
supercharger, etc.)
• Improved engine compartment appearance

Header Group Buy Price - $419

Save even more when you buy both headers and exhuast.

Package Group Buy Price - $799

Place your order at www.toomeycustoms.com

Please note shipping is not included in any of these prices and is calculated at the time of checkout.
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