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Jan 24th in Wilmington De.

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I just read a post on Custommagnums.com regarding a Meet in De on Jan 24th. Here is the post:

wilmington de meet and greet on the 24th of jan
i found this on lx forums i am going any one else
Posted on 01/02/09:
The Delaware LX Club has started plans to start a Winter Weekend get together event. This event is open to anyone interested in attending. This is not exclusive to those who are interested in being the club. All trim levels of any LX and Challenger are welcome. If you simply wanted to eat, hang out, and plan to be in the area at the time of event, let us know by posting in this thread. We would all love to meet you.

JANUARY - 2009
The Winter Weekend Event falls on January 24th, 2009.

Location Address:
Champs @ Concord Mall
4737 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803

Parking: I will take a picture of where we should all park and try to get a shot of the entrance in the photo as well. I plan to go tomorrow at 1 pm to get an idea of how the parking parterns will be.
Meet at 1p. - Lets meet just inside the main entrance at the water fountain, as Tyson mentioned...it will be cold outside.

weather permitting i will be there

I thought that we might want to pay a visit. Not too far for me, anyone else???
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