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Iowa State Patrol Chargers

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I am a newbie with a Magnum R/T, I saw these new Iowa State Patol cars a couple weeks ago. They were debadged. I imagine they were Hemis but not four sure.
Coralville, IA
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There is no difference in wheels on the PP, they all come with steel wheels and chrome center caps. Full wheel covers that make the wheels look like alloys are an option which this car does have.
There is no factory engine badging either, the only way to tell a 3.5 from a 5.7 is the tailpipes. Unless something has changed in the last few months the 6.1 is not an available option. After blowing the picture up it appears that car is a 3.5. The really sad thing is the 3.5 has about the same performance as the CVPI but much better fuel economy.

I'd say based on the rims that they are V6's.
There is a major problem with the side airbags if used in a vehicle with a cage. Basically you can not order cars with side airbags if it will have a cage, but nobody told agencies before they ordered the cars. You can also run into major problems trying to run wiring through the headliner with the side airbags.
Furd has stated that the CV will be discontinued but hasn't said exactly when. Interestingly, I went to their website and there does NOT show to be an `07 CV...! No loss in my humble opinion, I have always hated that car.
I never noticed the rear visibility, with the dog insert I have zero visibility anyway. My boss drove my CV last year to go pick up equipment and called me (LONG distance, I was in Holland buying dogs) to complain that he couldn't see squat out the rear. Once I got the Charger I did notice it, but I'm so used to relying on mirrors it's not an issue.

I gotta say this. my police service here in Calgary have taken about 6 of these into service, but they were pulled out due to safety concerns in regards to the side curtain airbags. The rank and file do not like this car because of visability issues. I am used to it in my C but I can see where they are coming from if they don't drive one as a daily driver. It is not known when they will be back in service. It seems the majority of cars in most police services will be the 3.5, not the hemi. I also heard that they were going to completly change all cars over to the Chargers in the forseeable future but plans now may change and go back to the Crown Vics.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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