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I am stiill in a jail CEL!

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Hi guys & gals,

Well I know there has been many threads on the 02 CEL issue, but the dreaded rear 02 sensor errors continue with the Kooks High flow CATs on my MSRT8. I installed the non-fouler 02 extenders and it didn't make a difference at all. This is fun......has anyone got a sure fix for this problem?

It looks like there are folks that don't get the P0420/P0430 errors (lucky ones) and the majority that do. I ended up buying an ODBII scanner to check and erase the codes.

Iinstead of installing a fan switch to go with my new 180 degree thermostat, I should install a three-way super switch to manually reset Fuse 11 AND the CEL codes from the ODBII as well ;-)

Question: GSM lists a 6.1L 02 simulator on their website. Does anyone have this and does it work?

Even though the returning CEL is annoying, I still love the car. My thought on headers and CATs for these cars is, unless you are ready to do heads and cam...and some software package, they aren't worth it (CAT-backs and CAI are!).

Thanks fellas!

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GSMs original O2s did not work, but they have new ones now that they say fixes our issues.

I'm ordering one so stand by. I'll let you know for sure if it works:)

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