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how do you remove and replace the factory shift knob?

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I have done a dilligent search and have yet to discover if the shift knob just unscrews or what. I know in my vette, I had to use an clamp on adapter to allow a threaded knob. Is this car the same way? does the knob just unscrew? I don't wanna break anything. I know the thread is 8mmx1.25...at least according to the different threads I have been surfing. Thanks.
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Bandit said:
Might I suggest..........

Aftermarket knobs suck. Period. Bought a $150 MOMO knob for my R/T and it sat up about 2" higher than stock (annnnnoying), and had a generic fitment using rubber sleeves so it never felt secure. When I bought the SRT I decided to stay away from knobs altogether because of this experience.

Then came along SRT8OC.com member DEERAM who announced making these custom fit (threaded) and when I saw the revolver cylinder design I HAD to have one. I made two requests which he filled within an hour. Fill in the lettering with red paint, and lower the knob to exactly stock height. BAM! $110 well spent.

I could not be happier. It feels awesome in the hand, and the flat-top design is easier to use than the stock shifter. This is hands down one of my favorite mods.

Copied from an older thread of mine where I posted a short review of each of my mods.
I have this knob from DEERAM with 300C on it

Did you paint the letters yourself

If so, what did you use?

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