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Holy crap!!

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Holy crap, I just realized I almost forgot her birthday. Its January 2nd so I don't have much time. Can you guys help me with some ideas? Most of you have met her so that should help with ideas. She isnt really a "material girl" but i think she deserves something nice.

ideas please
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a day too late... dayum.

hood support kit ?
Well, the 2nd was yesterday. So did she put you out on the couch?
Thanks for the help guys. I used some of your ideas.


ummm... ummm... ummm
bath soap!

ummm... ummm... ummm
new towels!

Good luck, man! :mrgreen:
Good thinking...she needed some new Meguiars Gold Class soap and nothing like some new micro fiber towels to dry off with.

Or a spa treatment or manicure. Or a new orbital polisher with high quality car polish.
She'll have to settle for a spa detailing from me and my old DA polisher. But she is due for one :)

One word.


Can't go wrong. Doesn't have to be expensive. Even the biggest tomboy melts with a little ice.
I'm doing BLING instead of jewerly. A new set of rims for her rear.

She like to run so I'm getting her some new running shoes. She has big feet so i went with the Hoosiers 275/ 40 17s.

a day too late... dayum.

hood support kit ?
She is starting to sag a little and could use a lift.

Thanks again guys. Let me know what i should do for Valentines Day if you dont mind!!!
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