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Here it is

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Here is the picture you have all been waiting for .. It made it's outside appearance( at least off the car ) at Performance World in Toronto

Enjoy, And dont drool on the keyboard
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where are the video shot's at????? looks killer!
There are some great production photos in this thread .. Check it out
Well I have finally had enough of this and below are questions I asked. I was planning on being first in line for this kit and letting them use my car for the install instructions. I still have questions on ALL these iems as they have never been answered.

My questions that are still unanswered. Editing only for correct point of view while reading.
Here is where I am right at this point. Yes I have the money as discussed.(for deposit) What is causing me to second guess on whether to do this or not:

1. No further pictures have been posted of the completed setup in a car.
2. Dynos were never captured and posted, only the numbers.(Claimed)
3. No videos were ever shown of how the test car ran.
4. No track runs were ever documented to show real world results and usability.
5. No picture of mileage on your car(AmbeR/T). You claimed 25K miles of testing and I would like to verify with a shot of your test mules speedo.

The five items are a concern to me when dropping this kind of money and possibly more if there are issues.

Please feel free to post this in the LXForums http://www.lxforums.com/board/showthread.php?t=45797

if you want to let the world know the answers.
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I will forward the video to you later... The one I have had all this time. How is taking a picture of my speedo now going to show you that I logged 25-30,000 kms on it ( But I can do that this evening if you wish). The car was never at the track , I also have the dyno sheet I can post up. I have been on cruises with the local LX brethren But only little videos here and there of the vehicle driving.

Videos were not a big thing to them at the time. AARcuda .... pm me your email addy and I will forward the stuff to you
Why not just post it?
I agree why not just post it up!! This is the kind of info that will bring customers.

BTW, this may be my first post, but I've known Kev for years from the Grand Prix club, and he is a very stand up guy. I know the quality of work that he does is second to none.

However, as this is a new product, I'd like to see some videos, pics, and dynos.

PS. I'm looking to buy an SRT8 Magnum within the next 6-9 mos, and I've already started saving for the turbo kit!!!

I don't know Kev at all, but I saw the quality of work put in to it, and I was very pleased with it. If the engineering in the electronics and programming is just as good, it'll be a nice solution. But that's what we're looking for, right?
NVM....I'm not happy with the response time to email questions... I am/was very interested in the product but if my experience is an indication of what I can expect then I'll have to pass.......
Kevin is one person building and trying to get these kits out to the public. If you have any questions you would like answered forward the emails off to me [email protected]
I will do my best to answer them .. He has been very stressed out about it taking longer than anticipated to get them to the market.

I apologize on his behalf


Hopefully these will hold you over for now
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Please remember that the photos above are all pre-production pieces.....

I take back all of the bad thoughts i thought about you guys. Congrats on getting it done!!!! Now i need to figure out how to steal, i mean get whatever it is that thing costs.
Man this is really hot, i wish they could hook me up with this but my engine is heavily modded.. cry cry..
i would be honored having the 1st one in Hawaii
Rick have you had this on a 1/4 mile track yet?
it'd be interesting to see what kind of numbers it pulls on the track.
Thats what i want to know. Rick are you there Chief?
Rick, please contact me when you have the 6.1 version perfected (ie: no worries of blowing motor al'a GSM).

I want one if the gains are substantial.
I should be able to get some photos up tomorrow evening with the kit installed in the vehicle. I also heard from kevin that all the pieces are back from being ceramic coated and we are doing one final dyno run next week sometime. I can say that we went for a drive this weekend and it was all highway .. But we averaged 6.7 L/100km and now after 2 days of driving in the city we have moved to 8.1 L/100 km.
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