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Here it is

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Here is the picture you have all been waiting for .. It made it's outside appearance( at least off the car ) at Performance World in Toronto

Enjoy, And dont drool on the keyboard
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The air intake was left off as per the conversation as not to get in the way of the good stuff. and it is violently fast in hitting boost. They are going to use a larger wheel in the turbo to slow down the spool. The crossover pipe has lots of room over the bellhousing and between the firewall and the engine.

Looks like a real quailty piece
It comes with a filter that sits inside the liner of the front bumper and wheel well liner
They also said that all the pipes that are subject to heat are going to be ceramic coated and the rest of the pipes ( cold side) will be powder coated
1 - 3 of 52 Posts
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