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hey, hopefully someone can help. Got an 05 Magnum RT with 39,xxx miles. Went to the store today, and on the way home, it cut out at around 30mph. Coasted to a stop and it wouldn't crank. Had it towed home, it will now crank, but idles for 15-20 seconds, then revs a few grand and cuts off. I checked it with my code reader, it isn't throwing any codes. When it cuts off, the oil light comes on, but I checked the oil level and its fine. The engine does have a slight tick when it's running, but it's had that since we bought it about 4 months ago, it hasn't suddenly gotten worse, and I've heard that's normal for these cars. If anybody has any ideas before I tow it to the dealer (we payed to have the powertrain warranty transferred) that would be great.

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Wow, that's strange. I've got an '05 magnum with 42,000 miles. I had an issue with a fuse once. It was loose because I used it as a source for a power tap. Once I removed the power tap, the fuse wouldn't seat correctly. Every now and then my car would quit on me or not start at all. If you've done any mods under the hood, I'd start there and check your work. Make sure you didn't knock anything loose. (wires and such) As for the ticking, that's the fuel injectors.
ok. Thanks for all your help fnky. Glad there's someone as knowledgeable as you around here.
I'll second that! Super Chicken to the rescue!

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