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Hailing Mechwarriors

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Are any of you out there??????

I was pondering the idea of starting a simplified planetary game here. Were we could set up 2-3 units to battle over diffrent maps. Simple like If team 1 beat team 2 for map innnercity. Then team 1 must also beat team 3 to own that map. Once they have owned that map if team 2 or 3 beat them then that map is owned by the winning team.

We could use the maps from mektek: http://www.mektek.net/joomla/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

Or we could asign equal number of maps to the teams and battle to win those maps from the owning team. Or say 2 out 3 wins losses ownership of map.

there are a bunch of ways to do this though.

It would be away for us to have a bit of fun. We could set up comms like teamspeak or a like server to chat back and forth.

This is a fun simulation game, and it can become addicting..............................let me know if you guys are intrested.
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i thought mechwarrior was activision?
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