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Guess im not getting it...

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Went to the dealer Today what a happy day for me cleaned out my R/t took the stereo stuff out took the CAI ,bla,blah,blah ...Was doing the insurance thing getting ready to sign the papers and the worse thing could have happened they are showing this family a mini van and what do you think happens a kid opens the door wham big chip in the front fender i was pissed I walked out i was so mad the worse part the dealer didnt even try to stop me..this is over 2 hrs now and they havent even called me back to see whats up....So i cooled off now if there were going to fix it up to my standards i might take that one but now i dont know with them not even calling me or nothing....Im not a happy camper right now..:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:
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DawsonMagnum said:
I wonder if this mysterious family in the mini-van might have belonged to the owner of the dealership or maybe someone else that worked at the dealership. Call me a conspiracy nut, but given that they did nothing but encourage you to leave, that makes me wonder if someone that worked there decided they wanted the car for themselves and decided to get the "family" to ding it so you wouldn't want it.It's pretty far-fetched, but stranger things have happened.
Or maybe the dealer decided the deal was not a very good one for them so the incident was staged.....you really never know these days
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