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I have set up a group buy on Charger hood packages from RAMAIRHOOD.COM on Chargerforums Here is the link. Some really decent prices on some sweet hoods! They can paint any factory color.

Pkg 2 Functional Hood, Vent Grills (CAI)
Pkg 3 Functional Hood, Vent Grills Airbox, Highflow Filter
Pkg 4 Functional Hood, Vent Grills, Paint (CAI)
Pkg 5 Functional Hood, Vent Grills Airbox, Highflow Filter, Paint

pkg 2 $718
pkg 3 $888
pkg 4 $969
pkg 5 $1095

Package 3 and 5 include the functional airbox that replaces the engine cover.
Package 2 and 4 is for Cold Air Intakes (no airbox)

shipping is additional to the above price and will vary between $80 and $180 ( in the continental U.S.) depending on your distance from the Florida.
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