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Hey Circuit, quick question-

Before I begin, I'm the one who was your test vehicle for the LX AWD platform back in 2009. My suspension is still good.

So right now, I'm about as low of a static drop I can get. I mean like my front sway bar is maybe 2 inches from pavement.

I have my damper stiffness set to max right now, very firm. My pre-load is set to 0 (based on a video I found on Vimeo explaining how to set pre-load then tighten it 4mm, or the width of the spanner wrench)

So my question is, can I pre-load it more to stiffen up the spring to help with my bottoming out, then adjust the height like normal? I thought about if I needed firmer springs, but I'm not sure. I still have some springs you sent me to test with, but they are shorter than what I currently have. I'm not sure on the numbers though.

Anyone have thoughts? I don;t mind having a really firm front end if I can still be stupid low and not bottom out my sway bar.

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I was curious about this as well...
basically, does increasing preload act the same as a firmer spring rate?
what would the drawbacks be?

im going to pose the question in the general suspension forum as well it will probably see more traffic there.

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Yes it does raise the spring firmness.
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